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Top Reasons Why Post-Market Surveillance Is Essential for Medical Devices

The medical Device Regulation increased focus on post-market surveillance and clinical evidence. Manufacturers of medical devices are now required to increase their focus regarding gathering safety-related data and clinical data. For the manufacturer, the requirements affect the costs of research and development as well as market access. The importance of PMS, however, outweighs the strain on operations that the manufacturers experience.

To Maintain High Medical Standards

In the past, there have been cases of manufacturers selling medical devices and equipment that are not of pharmaceutical grade. Such create quite a scare in the health industry and poses numerous risks to end-users. Post-market surveillance helps to curb that. It does so by ensuring that the medical devices reach the end-users and are utilized while still in acceptable condition, through all the stages of transportation, storage, cleaning, and others.

To Improve the Approval Process

Many medical devices have been approved to enter the market without having illustrated long-term safety or clinical efficacy. Such are usually approved for the market based on equivalence to other devices that were marketed legally. Using equivalence is not an ideal way to approve medical devices, especially when you consider how long ago the original approvals were issued. Post-market surveillance helps to ensure that those products deliver on both safety and clinical efficacy all the way.

To Improve Quality of Medical Products

Using strict clinical trial requirements as opposed to equivalence is one of the ways that the quality of medical devices produced can be improved. However, since the equivalence rule still applies, post-market surveillance has to come into play. It can work as a tool that helps to filter the faulty medical devices out of the market, leaving only the ones that are safe and effective.quality medical device

It Provides Useful Information

By manufacturers increasing focus on post-market surveillance, they can collect a lot more data and information that is related to their devices. The data and information collected can be quite useful regarding improving the safety, clinical efficacy, and quality of their products. Researchers get a lot more relevant information to work with and can come up with better solutions to existing problems in the medical field. 

Increased post-market surveillance does cost the companies more, but when the data and information received is utilized well, it can have attractive returns.

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Must-Have Gadgets for 2020

We are now in a digital era, and everything is easy now with technology and gadgets.

Portable Wifi

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Everyone wants to be connected to our virtual world, to share and get pieces of information. If you are a frequent traveler, you cannot just rely on free internet or mobile data, which can be very expensive. It is advisable to get yourself a portable wifi connection wherever in the world.

Latest SmartPhone

A mobile phone is now a necessity to keep you connected. It is now becoming a trend that your handphone would be able to give you good photos, high specs, and handy. There are a lot of brands in the market you can choose from depending on what suits your personality. Some brands are suitable for gamers, to those who like photography or video editing, and many more.

Portable Speakers

What is music without good speakers? For better listening experience, you can get portable speakers, so you can listen to your favorite music anywhere you want. It is a good evolution to the music industry to have a portable speaker available in the market to enjoy your music without that hassle of bringing large speakers.


If you are into photography, you should get a hand of the newest drones for that magnificent aerial photos. Drones are previously known for military use, but it is now available for commercial and recreational use. It is lovely to invest in a good drone, in case you want to take up a notch on your photography skills.

Wireless Earbuds

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The age of wireless items and tools is right in front of us — most of the gadgets can work with wireless technology. Bluetooth technology is one of the most versatile wireless technologies that you can welcome. This means that you can rely on wireless earbuds and still experience the sound quality that you get from the corded earbuds and headphones.

You can do more because it is handsfree and cord-free. Wireless earbuds are affordable and stylish. They are sporty in looks and design. They are built in such a way that they will remain firm when you are working out. You will love their looks even if you are a casual user of earbuds.

USB Thumb Drive

Goodbye to floppy disks and massive hard drives. USB thumb drives are used to transfer data to or from a computer. Among the significant advantages of USB drives is that they are portable and can be used for multiple purposes. It starts from 1 to 128 GB sized data. This device is the standard option to connect all electronic and storage devices to a computer.…