Top Features That Make the Best Alarm Clocks

If you are going to attend college away from your home, one thing that your parents must have advised you to do is to buy an alarm clock. Your parents are surely worried if you can get up for your morning classes, especially if your mom was the one who was always waking you up when you were in high school. Indeed, waking up early is hard to do when you are not used to it.

So when buying alarm clocks back then, you can just pick up any brand, and you can be awakened with its monotonous sound in the morning. Nowadays, the leading brands of alarm clocks have unique features that make distinct from the others. Check these out to let you know what to buy.

Sunrise Simulation

Alarm clocks with sunrise simulation features provide visual and audio to wake you up. This is new to the alarm clock technology as we have always been used to the ringing sound only. And yes. It must be doubly efficient to wake you up as light will be flashed before your eyes to tell you that it’s daytime already.

Alarm Sound Options

Sometimes, we may not wake up even though we know that our alarm clock is ringing. Try other sounds that you have not used before, and you will see – you will wake up readily. An alarm clock with different sound options is surely better than one with only one ringing sound.

Ease of Use

Setting an alarm clock should be as easy as writing your name. Sometimes, we may be too sleepy when we are reminded that we have not set the alarm. When setting the alarm is somewhat complex, we may be lazy to do it and just pray that we will wake up at the right time.

Aesthetic Design

Before, alarm clocks were usually black in color and square-shaped. With the alarm clock nowadays, they are mistaken as decorative items. You can choose from different shapes, colors, and sizes according to your liking.


Modern alarm clocks can range from expensive to cheap. When choosing alarm clocks, buying the brand with the features you like or need may be the better consideration than the price.

“Lullaby” Features

While alarm clocks are primarily used to wake us up, some also have features that make us sleep. A setting sun simulation, relaxing sounds of nature, and Bluetooth and FM radio to listen to music can make us sleep soundly.