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Ways of Consuming CBD Products

The stigma around CBD as a drug is fading fast. The cause of this is the studies that show cannabis plants have numerous health benefit. These researches show that CBD can manage numerous health conditions like depression, anxiety, severe pains, insomnia, and other conditions still under research like heart conditions, diabetes, and many more.
Even with all these benefits, smoking a CBD joint is still a problem for some.

However, smoking cannabidiol is not the only way available to use it. There are numerous ways of consuming CBD, but it is important to note that each method offers different results.

Here are some ways you can use to consume CBD:


Using a vaporizer pen, you can enjoy the benefits just the same as smoking. It works like smoking and allows you to enjoy a high level of concentration of CBD. Only it does not have a smoke and is safer than smoking.

Eating Snacks or Edibles

cbd gummies Consuming CBD in gummies, cookies, lollipops, or adding to food or desserts is gaining popularity. Taking this way masks the CBD taste for those who may find it unpleasant. When taking CBD in the form of edible, it is important to track how much dosage you are taking.

CBD in edibles works slowly than in other forms, and hence you may think it is effective and end up overdosing. Oral consumption falls under this category, where you can swallow a few drops, add in your drinks or add to your food. This is a simple, effective, and efficient way of consuming CBD.


smoking weedThis is also inhalation and is associated with marijuana and hence not everybody’s favorite. This method offers a faster absorption rate than any other method. It does, however, pose a health risk to the lungs and throat.

Using Tincture

This method involved placing the CBD product under the tongue until it is fully absorbed. The CBD content is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. It travels directly into the mucus membranes and blood capillaries, skipping and bypass metabolism. This is method offers fast results and requires little preparation.

Topical CBD Application

This is a form of external use of CBD. It is mostly in the form of creams and oils and is essential for skin conditions. Unlike other forms of this, one does not penetrate the bloodstreams but work on the skin by penetrating the epidermis to produce nourishing effects. Some of the most common uses of this form include beauty creams to enhance skin’s beauty, softness, and lip balms and eye gels.